The boys and I went out to lunch today, and I asked their thoughts on the fact that we'd soon have three little boys running around the house (and one Kate).

Owen: "We already have 3 little boys! Don't forget Daddy!"
Collin: "Well, Dad's like a big boy, actually."
Owen: "He's still a kid. And a boy. A grown-up kid boy."
Collin: "Then that makes four boys."

And so it will be!! *Had I announced that yet?!


Can a GIRL be a boy's best friend??

Kevin was out talking with the neighbor guys last night, and when he came in Owen asked him who his best friend was. He said, "Well, actually, Mommy is my best friend." Owen started smirking and almost chuckling.

He said: "MOMMY is your best friend?!"
We heard: "A GIRL is your best friend?!"

This falls directly in line with a conversation he and I had recently when he asked if he could marry his (male) teacher because he wanted him to be part of the family. I said no, but that he could marry Mr. Ron's daughter, Abby, who is in Owen's class, and then Mr. Ron would be part of his family. He said: "But I can't marry Abby! She's my FRIEND!"

I love the opportunity that starts so young to teach our kids that your mate really should be your friend - yes, your best friend! (Love you, Kevin!)

Twinkle Twinkle - Kate's Solo

In case you haven't had your Kate-fix lately, here she is!!


Kate's Birthday Eve

We had strawberry waffles with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles with a side of sausage links and a glass of orange juice for dinner ~ Kate's dream come true! She blew out candles while we sang, and, when she was done, she shreiked: "More?!!" "Again!" And then she burst out laughing with the rest of us (who were of course laughing at her, but she didn't realize that)!
Notice on Kate's arm: a trademark. Kate LOVES to draw. Last night she sat with a bucket of markers and several sheets of paper for nearly 45 minutes, in one spot, quietly singing to herself and drawing masterpieces. Unfortunately, at school they draw kitties and stars on the kids' hands ... so Kate is constantly drawing on her own hands (and arms, and face, and legs if she can get to them before I stop her!) Tonight she was hard at work again ~ on both mediums ~ until the whipped cream started spraying! Then the art was forgotten and the cream was all that mattered!
After sugaring-up, Kate got goofy (typical!). Here she is trying her brother's glasses on:And putting her brother to bed (look at what a good little actor he is, closing his eyes and everything, playing along!):
And it was time to open gifts:

By this time Owen, who had decorated the hat, was in true form (look at those muscles!):
Kate fell in love with the new camping chair the boys picked out for her:
And Owen fell in love with my camera! He took this next pic:
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa T, who gave Kate a new swimsuit and crocs!
It was an excellent birthday eve! Hope you had a great birthday, Kate!! *And now for the party on Saturday! Balance Beams, here we come!

Happy Birthday, Kate!

What an exciting morning! Kate turns two in mere hours! Hard to imagine the joy she has brought to our lives! In the pics above, she's getting ready for school and tossing balloons in the air, celebrating her birth! In fact, at this time two years ago (approx 8:30 a.m.), we had checked in at the hospital and the doctors were prepping me for surgery! Weighing in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces and 20 inches long, Katelyn Victoria Tepker joined our family at April 7, 2008 at 10:25 a.m.:
Happy Birthday, Sweet Katelyn! We love you!!!


My Angels


Cupcakes for Dinner!


The kids enjoyed Cupcakes for Dinner on April Fools! Who knew Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes could be so festive?! It was hilarious! They added sprinkles to their "cupcakes" and ate every last bite!

I added corn and pepper to my cupcakes to make an adult version. ; )

Point Defiance Zoo with the Cyrus Girls

Point Defiance Zoo
Collin (5 1/2) - Taylor (3 1/2) - Kate (Nearly 2) - Owen (4) - Marley (6)

The kids were so close! I tried hard to get a shot of them all standing in front of the peacock, but it started pecking at Kate, so she backed up! Owen thought that was hilarious and moved in! He touched the amazing bird's feathers and squealed in delight!

The armadillo was a highlight! The kids touched the hard, bumpy creature and learned about its burrowing and eating habits! (loves to dig, eats bugs!)
We also had the opportunity to ride a camel! How "c-o-o-w-o-l" is that?! (Collin recently wrote a card to Uncle Jared, and that's how he spelled "cool." I love it!)

We learned that camels house fat stores in their humps for their long journeys (but not water).

Kate backed out at the last minute, and since I'd already paid for her ticket, I got to ride! Collin: "It was so bumpy! Wha-wha-whoa!!" Owen: "It was so fun!!" Me: "That was great!" It was nothing like I expected! I can't imagine riding a camel across a dessert; it would not be a smooth ride but instead bumpy and uncomfortable. Nothing like riding a horse. He was super nice though, and Collin and I pet his head when our ride ended.

My little monkeys checkin' out the monkeys:

The walrus tank was also incredible. The largest walrus was 3300 pounds!

Our timing seemed perfect all day! We watched as each seal approached its particular fish bucket by color card and enjoyed its meal:

Then down below to see more of the walrus, who seemed to be putting on a show JUST for our kids!

Playtime in the Kids Zone of the Zoo rounded out the morning!

We arrived just as the zoo opened. No one was there yet, even though it was spring break in Puyallup and Tacoma, and we parked in the front row. We enjoyed bursts of sunshine through cloudy skies all morning. As we left around 1:00, the lines stretched far, all three lots were full, and it began a serious downpour almost as soon as I closed the van door. CRAZY LUCK!! I could relive this morning over and over ~ it was so much fun!