Dreams Come True ~ Mother's Day 2012

Sunday I celebrated the gift of motherhood!  These four amazing people have changed my world in more ways to list, but some of the greatest ways are these:
 1.  They've taught me to love freely and completely, with no conditions or expectations.
 2.  They've reminded me the importance of being silly, of imagination, and of pure, joyful fun!
3.  They've challenged me to be an inpiration, to model for them -- to show them integrity; to show them commitment; to show them loyalty; to show them love ... (You get the idea.) ...  To take each moment and be the very best and happiest I can be in each and every one ~ to live my dreams ~ so that they might each also strive to be the very best and happiest they can be and live their own dreams.  

Such remarkable gifts we can give each other ~ over and over again!  Thank you, Kevin, Collin, Owen, Katelyn, and Eli, for giving me the greatest gifts of all.  You are amazing and wonderful, and each of you is one of my dreams come true.

**These pics were taken Mother's Day afternoon when Kevin and I took the kids to Zuanich Point Park.  We rode our bikes along the waterfront to the Bellweather and back.  It was the first ride we'd all taken together since Kate removed her training wheels, and it was fantastic!  We were able to pace together and enjoy one another.  It was a perfect Mother's Day adventure!**

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