Collin's Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt ~ Be Still My Beating Heart!!

 Hello, Sleeping Beauty!  Ready for your scavenger hunt?  Go to the door for the first clue!
 Now are you awake?  Go to the bathroom for some fun!
 Oepn the door and what do you see?
 Walk down the railing and you'll see one:
 This one's not much, so go to the hutch!
 I think there's another thing that looks just like this ...
 (On the armoire) Wow!  I can't believe you figured it out!  Go to Kate's hide-out!

 Kate's cave is never tidier, so now to the refrigerator!

There's nothing inside, so go to the slide!

 Now it's your turn to go down the slide.  Look under it, and there's your prizes!

 Thank you, Collin!!!  You are most amazing!!!!  This was so much fun, and you know me so well!  I love that you KNEW I would get a kick out of this hunt!  You worked so hard and put in so much thought!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!

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  1. That was wonderful! What a wonderful Mother's Day surprise!